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SPECIAL NOTE: In September 2012 NetsiteDomains was relaunched as

Deal Names™ is the new home for the domain collection offered for sale by Netsite Domains. This portfolio, in combination with exceptional new inventory, is an excellent resource for finding low priced domains at fixed prices.

Click here to visit to look at around 800 available domain names for your new business venture.

Deal Names is a superb portfolio of hundreds of fine domain names ready for immediate sale. They have a practical focus on business. A premium collection of high value, low cost, domains is listed. There are many categories on offer — from Advertising to Business to the Internet to Travel. All have great commercial potential. All are offered at a fixed price. All are available for speedy purchase. It takes just a few minutes to buy one!

Short and brandable domains

The Brand Domains page at Deal Names features around 200 fine short, brandable and memorable names in one convenient location. This is the perfect opportunity for your new business idea! Supply is limited — because its first in, first served!

These domains are also listed at These versatile, future-proof and memorable names are very rare online assets and the supply is very limited — don't risk missing out!


Netsite Domains

Deal Names (formerly Netsite Domains) is a marketplace of hundreds of
fixed price business domain names for sale!

Many catchy and brandable names are also multi-listed at our sister site Tech Brand

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Also by Click as a Flash: Super Monopolies — info about the new gTLDs (general top level domains) scheduled for launch in 2013 by ICANN and a warning about the possible global consequences of their implementation. Various applicants for these new domain strings are seeking exclusive control of various generic dictionary words such as .store and .news with all their competitors prohibited from owning domains in those strings. These closed gTLDs would lead to the possibility of huge online global monopolies being created.

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